The Show

Guests of the FW19 show got a taste of the collection as soon as they received their carefully curated invitation. The invite was covered with this season’s newest fabric, the faille moire, giving guests just a taste of what was to come. Upon arrival to the show’s venue, guests were enveloped in the scent of Portrait of a Lady by Frédéric Malle. The Fall Winter 2019 show took place on February 9, 2019 at Penn Plaza Pavilion. Attendees were greeted with gilded urns and heavy curtains secured with a gold B- coupled with flower arrangements curated by Putnam and Putnam, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a true jewel box. Guests sipped Fiji water, Nine Banded Whiskey, and Hall wines, while chicken wings catered by Wingstop were tastefully served in custom Brandon Maxwell boats. Guests were met with more ivory faille moire, which covered the entire runway space, as they progressed further into the venue. Once escorted to their seats, guests found show notes with their names hand-calligraphed onto the front page of thick cardstock, and continued to enjoy their drinks in glasses etched with Brandon’s classic “This is a Sippy Cup.”

"I wanted to create a quiet little jewel box room in the middle of a chaotic neighborhood, swathed in ivory moire and gold."

“Eyes that wouldn’t lie to you” is how Tom Pecheux for MAC Cosmetics described the beauty. George Cortina, a true storyteller and lover of clothes, helped to create effortlessly minimal looks, utilizing all the accessories in ways that highlighted each individual piece. Creative movement director Stephen Galloway worked to bring rhythm and flow to the runway as the models boldly strutted down, and he went on to direct a post-show photoshoot, where looks were modeled by Grace Elizabeth, Sabah Koj, and more.