The FW17 Playlist

Every Brandon Maxwell collection begins with a playlist. This soundtrack molds the narrative that powers the entire design process. This season, the songs focused on ideas of breaking free. Partially fictional and partially biographical, Brandon’s original playlist was fine tuned by music producer, and long time collaborator, Sebastien Perrin for the runway presentation.

“Working with Sebastien is like working with a psychic, when a season begins and we sit down, he already knows exactly what I'm thinking.”

Perrin responded to Brandon by creating a playlist that mixed new ballads with songs pulled from the designer’s childhood. When the models danced down the runway to En Vogue's "Free Your Mind” and Michael Jackson's "Black or White,” it felt as if the Brandon Maxwell woman had evolved once again.

“The playlist’s tracks all shared in common the very à propos theme of freedom and pride in celebration of woman." -Sebastien Perrin