The inaugural campaign for the Fall Winter 2016 collection was directed and photographed by Brandon at the Top of the Standard in Manhattan, New York. In addition to print imagery, Brandon produced a short video featuring models Blanca Padilla, Herieth Paul, Leila Nda, Maria Borges, Ophelie Guillermand, and Riley Montana. Set to voicemail messages left by his family following his FW16 show, the deeply personal film captures Brandon’s strong bond to his work and to his family.

"This campaign shoot has been a unique and personal experience as it goes back to my roots. I initially studied photography, and I taught myself to make clothes for photo shoots with my girlfriends growing up, so this really was a full circle moment for me. All the models that are featured in the campaign have also been part of my shows, and are very loving and supportive friends." -Brandon

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