Why We Create

We are dedicated to making women feel beautiful and powerful. Every collection begins with developing an ideal wardrobe for the independent woman. Each garment is a valentine tailored to her needs and desires. Inspired by friends and family, we strive to create clothing that celebrates the diversity of womankind.

“Every woman I knew growing up was balancing many things, work, motherhood, philanthropy, and my goal was to create a classic, timeless, and tailored uniform for them from day to night. When the woman goes into her closet and needs that black suit or little black dress, I wanted to give them that one piece that hits them in the right places and makes them feel like a million dollars.” 

How We Create

The woman informs the entire design. Each silhouette is conceived of through a laborious, hand draping process and evolves as it is fit on the woman. A continual conversation between designer and wearer, this method allows us to capture the natural architecture and movement of the body.

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“Fit and tailoring is very important to me. I really tried to think about things that would hover around the woman’s body.”

How We Make What We Create

Luxurious materials and quality manufacturing allow us to create garments that feel as substantial as the women who wear them. The ready-to-wear collection is produced entirely in New York, and leather goods are produced in Italy. Skilled craftsmanship is vital to realizing the sculptural shapes which are signature to the brand. A complementary team in the New York atelier creates made-to-measure and custom commissions by appointment.

“It’s really about quality and craftsmanship for me, and construction. I’m not trying to break the system, I’m just trying to give women a quality piece of clothing. I want to be the place that they go to every season and get those essential things that they need, that have a little bit of an edge.”